Here at Great Lakes Trailers, we build custom boat trailers perfectly designed to your new boat. We can also build custom trailers to fit just about any other need you might have. We make flat bottom boat trailers, V-bottom boat trailers, modified V-bottom boat trailers, catamaran boat trailers, bass boat trailers, jon boat trailers, power boat trailers, race boat trailers, sail boat trailers, pontoon boat trailers and jet ski trailers. We build custom trailers of all sizes 12' to 48'. NO BOAT IS TOO LARGE FOR GREAT LAKES TRAILER! We take pride in your investment, that is what makes Great Lakes Trailer the leader in superior trailers for your needs.

At Great Lakes Trailer, we can build you a custom boat trailer out od aluminum or steel, with any axle combination, single axel, dual axels or tripple axels complete with electric brakes or surge brakes. Have you seen the new material the bunks are made of? They have an ultra-smooth surface that wont mar the bottom and your boat will easily glide over them on or off the trailer. No more wooden rails covered with carpet. If you demand and expect the best in custom manufactured trailers, we can fulfill your every expectation. Contact us today!

Why Great Lakes Trailers?

With over 40 years of industry knowledge to serve as a road map to understanding the needs of you and your boat. We have a solid engineering team with proven prodution processes. Great Lakes Trailer continues to build trailers that stand up to the competion and perform better on the road and in the water may it be fresh or salt.

Since 1980, our trailers have been designed and built with care to make them the finest aluminum boat trailers on the market. Always striving for improvement , we are constantly refining and improving our trailers to meet the changing demands of industry. Each model is manufactured in our modern facilities to exacting standards that assure long-lasting service and value. Our engineering specialists use the latest in computer systems and software to aid in product design. Modern manufacturing techniques and our state of the art factory assure you a boat trailer built to fit your needs.

We Build Custom Boat Trailers

Custom Trailer Systems Built UNDER Your Boat! The key to a carefree boat trailer is proper matching of boat and trailer. A proper match is one in which the trailer is designed and built to carry the full weight of your boat, engine and gear while providing proper support for the boat hull. Here at Great Lakes Trailer we are committed to designing … [Read More...]

Get A Quote

Please take a moment to fill out our form, to better help us estimate a custom boat trailer to match your specific hull, we ask some very specific questions. Please help us so we can correctly produce the quote … [Read More...]

Selecting a Boat Trailer

  What type of boater are you? Weekend enthusiast? Racer? Fill out our quote form and we'll discuss your needs and determine which trailer system best fits your boating style. Be sure to calculate the total weight including the boat, the engine, a full fuel tank (approximately 7 lbs. per gallon), full water tanks (if any) and your … [Read More...]

Catamaran Trailers

The catamaran industry being in full bloom, a whole lot of companies have sprung up, both big and small. Unfortunately, quality varies as well, from the extremely low to the unaffordable high. It can all seem very confusing at first. What it still comes down to, though, is a deck with a little … [Read More...]

Boat Trailer Manufacturing

LIFT THE BOAT Ideally, we like to build your trailer under your boat using our in-house lifting system. If we cannot lift your boat (due to size or boat location) we will build your trailer according to the bottom plan of your boat. REVIEW BOTTOM PLAN We have the bottom plans for all types of boats. Upon receiving your order we begin … [Read More...]

Powerboat Trailers

The term “powerboats” encompasses an array of engine types and hull designs, which is why so many different boat trailer designs are necessary. Powerboat trailers can come with a variety of different … [Read More...]

Trailering Tips

Whether you are pulling a Great Lakes Trailer or another brand of of trailer aluminum or steel for boating or cargo, one thing is undisputed. The safety of you and those on the road around you is of … [Read More...]


1. How is aluminum affected or not affected by saltwater? Why is aluminum better than steel? Unlike steel, aluminum is inherently resistant to rust and corrosion and it needs no paint or … [Read More...]

Shipping Delivery

eBidTransport Inc. arranges all our Boat Trailer deliveries within the United States or out of the country. We understand that your Boat is one of the most valuable possessions you own and shipping it can be stressful and expensive. In our experience, we have found eBidTransport to be very … [Read More...]